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The background of establishment and purposes

    Education policy is established when education is coordinated with industrial policies. Enterprises need to build efficient management systems with information technology to tackle the speedy innovation, limited product life cycle, competitive pressure of globalized business. In view of the importance of Electronic Business, since 1999, the Executive Yuan has widely promoted Industrial automation and E-commerce groups, developed programs for industrial automation and E-commerce. integrated all the resources, counseled domestic industries to apply information technology and strengthen international competitiveness of domestic industries.

    Nevertheless, Electronic Business is a new area of expertise. It combines traditional business and management, information technology, developing industrial automation, and e-commerce. Due to the need for  human resources and prediction in business, our college  adjusted the original department to  face the future. Our school is a university of science and technology, focusing on actual application and industrial development. To national policies, the college  not only tries to train the personnel and establish research centers for Electronic Business but also combines the interdisciplinary savants to strive for e-business research.
The aim of the education
1. The education is aiming at managing the rapidly developing technology in the world, and equips the students with international outlook, with empathy, with devotedness in works.

Our education policy combines the interdisciplinary savants to strive for Electronic Business research in order to develop into  a think tank.